First Weekend Test of the NEW 400 Meter GO’s

Testing out Enter Ultra's 400 Meter Go's

I’d like to say this was a great success! I recently received my new 400 meter Go’s in the mail this past Friday. I went out with the wife to Disney’s Epcot theme park Saturday afternoon to test out the devices.

I left WP1 and WizeFi1 in our vehicle out in the parking lot and carried the WizeFi2 device with us throughout the park.

As you will see on the graph, carrying WizeFi2 with me earned 7x the exposures than WizeFi1.

Exposures means people actually clicked and engaged with my advertisement. Now these were people who had their phones out while waiting in lines at the park. I don’t expect to make many sales from this type of customer primarily because they were on vacation and just trying to kill time while waiting to get on the next ride.

Now had I been advertising an Etsy style Disney Product, I most definitely could have sold dozens.